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The Newest Way to Travel Europe in 2019

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The number of people, particularly millennials, traveling to places around the world is significantly increasing. No longer are the mass majority of us saving for homes or cars, things that the current state of the economy will never let us have without drowning in debt. Instead, people are preferring to travel and have experiences over the accumulation of “things”.

The good news is that, due to the transition to a ride-sharing economy, traveling has never been more affordable, sustainable, or accessible. And although traveling on a bus may not seem like the most luxurious way to make your way through Europe, it’s actually growing in popularity as one of THE ways to travel Europe.

The Benefits of Busing it Through Europe

  • No long security lines
  • Buses tickets are typically cheaper
  • You don’t need to check in hours before your flight
  • You get to drive through more cities & see more towns
  • Most buses offer WiFi &/or power outlets
  • No missing baggage
  • Bus stops are usually located in central areas, like town centres, ideal for traveling

Buses You Can Take in Europe


OUIBUS is a coach travel service with 130 routes in France and Europe, starting at €5. This bus also has power outlets, toilets, and WiFi, making it perfect for long distance traveling.

Mega Bus

Mega Bus is a long distance coach service, with bus tickets starting at as little as €1. You can also use mega buses in Canada, United Kingdom, and the USA. Busabout


Busabout is a hop-on-hop-off coach, that allows you to create your own adventure. This means that you can just get on and off the bus whenever you want, as long as it is on one of its set routes. If you are traveling solo, this is a great way to meet other travelers.


Flixbus is a coach bus that offers maximum comfort, with routes traveling across 20 European Countries. You can enjoy WiFi, electric outlets, up to three free bags, and comfy seats. All the added benefits of this bus makes it ideal for long distance travel.


Eurolines is a national bus service that is part of the transportation system that connects the whole of Europe, plus Morocco. Choose between 700 different routes to create your perfect trip.

Grocery stores dairy and dairy-free milk selection

There are so many different ways to travel, you have boats, cars, planes, trains, hitchhiking, car sharing, or buses. Knowing which to choose can be frustrating, but I would suggest looking at some of the resources in this article as a starting point. Buses are usually cheaper and a great way to meet fellow travelers along the way.

If traveling by bus isn't your thing, get a big dose of nature on the hiking trails in Gatineau Park!