7 Must-Have Accessories for Wine Lovers

Shelf of bottles of wine in a store

The temperature of wine can make or break the flavour and freshness. I personally drink red, which tastes best at room temperature. Although, in the summers my place is generally too hot.

With winter at our front door, no longer will the heat rob red wines of freshness and flavour. This is potentially one of the only enjoyments I get out of winter. Well okay, there are other good things, but the below 20 temperatures really trims the list.

Luckily there are vegan wines, and every wine enthusiast should have these 7 must-have accessories in their collection.

Bath Wine Holder

Nothing says comfort then a bubble bath and a sturdy glass of wine shelved to your bathroom wall. You can also stick this to your mirror well doing your makeup. #LifeHacks

Wineglass holder for bathroom tub

Wine Saver with Vacuum Stoppers

If you are someone who doesn’t finish a bottle of wine, this is for you. Also, congratulations on your level of self-control.

Wine saver and two vacuum stoppers

Red Wine Carafe

By allowing your wine to breathe you help oxygenate it, which leads to an overall better flavour. So make sure to FREE your wine, the bottle is restricting its greatness!

The modern design also helps it blend into any room of your house. Is it a carafe or a vase? No one has to know.

Red wine carafe

Funny Wine Glass

This glass pairs nicely with the Wine Saver above..

Wine glass filled with red wine

Bathtub Caddy Tray

Treat yourself to maximum comfort! Escape to the washroom for a mini at-home spa day, by taking your bath to the next level with a glass of wine and a movie.

Bamboo Bathtub caddy tray

Bottle Opener, also known as a Corkscrew

A lot of wines bottles have transitioned from cork to a screw cap. Nonetheless, one should always have a corkscrew!

There are other ways to open a bottle without one, but they are all much harder and can leave crumbling pieces of cork in your wine. If you think this sound oddly specific, it’s because it is. Hammering your bottle off the wall in a shoe can be prevented with the use of a common bottle opener.

Wine corkscrew

Italian White or Red Wine Glasses

Stemless wine glasses have been growing in popularity, probably because they can be used for a variety of drinks other than wine. With this being said, I still like the steamed glasses, for no other reason than I like to feel fancy when I drink my $11 bottle of red.

Regardless of your preference, every wine lover should have a nice set of wine glasses for two reasons:

  1. Tis the season of sharing, so best to have a couple of extra wine glasses on hand

  2. If you break a glass, you’ll need extras because, no, wine doesn’t taste as good in a mug

Wine glass with white wine

Now that you have all your wine accessories, check out where you can find a hearty supply of Vegan Wines.

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