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Our Mission

Let's Talk Vegan aims to inspire ordinary people to cook sustainably with simple, plant-based ingredients, nourishing both the body and the mind. We do this by creating recipes that make vegan cooking accessible to everyone, by reinventing the way we see food, and by acting as a reliable resource for vegan education, nutrition, and environmental sustainability.

Food is Fuel
A Vegan Diet is
A Balanced Vegan Diet
is Healthy
A Vegan Diet is

Don't Do It Alone

People are realizing the importance of following a healthy diet, but with increasingly hectic lives, it can be hard to maintain. As a result, health is often traded for time, but we mustn't forget that food is fuel, in so far as that it contributes to our energy levels and overall health.

Premade, highly-processed foods are fundamentally different in comparison to a homecooked meal. For starters, when you make a homecooked meal your main goal isn't profit, it's hunger. By reinventing the way we see food, choosing quality ingredients over quantity, we can start to fuel our bodies with the right macro and micro nutrients.

With thousands of plant-based ingredients available, there is an endless number of combinations we can use to create new recipes or veganize old ones. The good news is that we are just getting started, so you can leave this trial-and-error up to us.

All you have to do is join us every week for new vegan recipe and blog posts. No matter if you are crunched for time, need a crockpot meal to come home to, or are just wanting a delicious plant-based recipe, we have you covered.

Remember: Be inspired, cook, break bread, & create moments.